Healthy employees, healthy restaurant… Healthy lifestyle is just a phone-call away with Nutrisystem!

Hi, my name is Gabriel. I am the manager at our own family restaurant called the Melato Pizzeria. From about seven months ago, all nine of our employees have been following the Nutrisystem program. I will tell you all about the Nutrisystem promo codes after I tell you about our healthy lifestyle journey.

My grandfather opened the Melato Pizzeria, an Italian restaurant, more than twenty-five years ago. Today, all three of us, my grandfather, my father and I, run the restaurant together. We have many regular customers who support our restaurant and keep coming back for more. Our food is delicious, and our staffs are all very nice.

We have a family history of diabetes, which means that I have a high risk of developing type-2 diabetes. To avoid diabetes, I have been eating healthy my whole life. Two years ago, I joined the Nutrisystem program myself. No diabetic meal was as good as the one from Nutrisystem. I inspired my grandfather and my father to try Nutrisystem as well, and they too joined the program about a year ago. After that, we thought of convincing our employees to try the program. This was initially to make our employees more productive while they attended to clients.

Nutrisystem Helped Me Lose Weight

Starting the Nutrisystem program

At first, our employees were very skeptical, and weren’t really up for it. Following the Nutrisystem program meant no fast food, no junk food and no alcohol. They agreed to try the program only because of its affordability; not only was it already cheaper than normal food, it also had a Nutrisystem promo code for November 2016 which could make their meals even more inexpensive.

I had all of our employees call the Nutrisystem office to help them choose the meal plan that’s best for them. One of the employees was suggested the core meal plan while the rest were suggested the basic meal plan. They were actually excited after talking to the Nutrisystem staff because they found out that they won’t have to eat only salads in the diet; their diet plan actually included chocolate bars and pizzas. After registering in Nutrisystem, they delivered to each one of their doorsteps in just about a week.

Nutrisystem equals affordable

Unlike other meal plans, Nutrisystem is really very affordable. The maximum you might have to pay, depending on the meal plan your body suits, is $13. This amount is priced for Nutrisystem’s one day meal, which is already cheap to begin with. With Nutrisystem discount codes; this one day meal from Nutrisystem will cost only about $11. This is how Nutrisystem gives a whole new opportunity for everyone to be able to afford a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrisystem also offers a maintenance program where one can choose to have only a meal or two with Nutrisystem. This costs about $4-$6 depending on which meal you choose to have. Some of our employees tried this program last month, and were happy to be eating some meals outside, and some meals with Nutrisystem. Whichever meal program you choose, the Nutrisystem coupon codes are always there to make it possible for you to afford it!

The nutrition with Nutrisystem

All meals at Nutrisystem are low-glycemic with the right mix of nutrients for your body. They offer six meals a day with controlled portions in order to keep your body energetic the whole day and to fight off the hunger. These high in protein and high in fiber keep you feeling fuller for longer. Also, there are no side effects to worry about; Nutrisystem food has no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors or flavors!

Nutrisystem suggested all of us to have at least three 10-minute sessions of physical activity. Some of us were going to the gym or for a jog early morning, while some were coming to the restaurant on foot. However it was, everyone was involving themselves in some or the other physical activity. This helped get better results with Nutrisystem.



  • Coupon-hunting is stressful
  • Microwaving every food might be a problem for some
  • Scheduling everything according to the meal schedule

Earlier, it was only I who was following the program. Later, my grandfather and my father joined it. Now, it’s the entire Melato Pizzeria family! It feels like the restaurant has finally achieved its maximum productivity. With Nutrisystem, all our employees are energetic and have developed a positive thinking towards life and health. They’re all pleased that every member of the restaurant family is living a healthy lifestyle despite the differences in us. The profit of the restaurant has gone up with the help of better customer service and an improvement in the food as well. All of this would never have been possible without the Nutrisystem deals that made it so affordable for each one of the employees. We believe that with such energy and positivity, we can all take the restaurant to even great heights… All with Nutrisystem!

During free time, our employees are seen walking around, doing some physical activity, or on their computers searching for coupons. Many customers have started asking us how the entire Melato Pizzeria family is so fit. To friends and family or to anyone who asks, we recommend Nutrisystem to them. They give us a funny look and seem skeptical, just like we did before starting the program. We pass Nutrisystem coupons to them, so that they can experience how great it feels to be in a healthy lifestyle journey with Nutrisystem.